Five Reasons Why Corporate Wellness Is Getting Important in Virginia Beach

Being the member of Gershon Pain we have made a research and found that there is a recent trend that many companies in Virginia Beach are approaching us or other fitness centers for employee-based wellness programs.

The companies are taking employee fitness quite seriously. They have been trying to figure out the right solution to combat the sudden rise of various health issues like obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, chronic pains and other deformities. There are a number of companies who are trying to implement the wellness programs with little or no experience. They have no game plan for success. As a result, most of the corporate program fails before launch.

Where does the real problem lie? Corporate wellness is not possible to treat with a simple Band-Aid and you won’t be able to find it in a fitness app as well. So various clinics in Virginia Beach are providing weight loss programs whose main focus is to engage, motivate, support and plan fitness strategies. If your employee does not stay in the loop, then it will become difficult for them to succeed. Preventable wellness is one of the complete sign of change in lifestyle and changes definitely take some time.

If you have prepared yourself to take the pledge as well as organize a corporate fitness program, you must keep thing five things in mind –

1. Awareness leads to success

AwarenessAmericans are no doubt becoming more health conscious. Due to stress, longer work hours, multitasking, it is difficult for them to act towards the wellness goals. It is important to create the on-site wellness program since the majority of the employee’s time is spent at the workplace.

2. It is easy to prevent the chronic diseases

chronic diseases

As per CDC, the chronic diseases account for 75 percent of the total healthcare cost. Some of the diseases include – heart disease, stroke, cancer, obesity. The only way to prevent such diseases is to drop a halt on the progression. When the old habits have started to grow, you simply cannot expect behavior to change or to happen overnight. However, if a person is able to put stress mentally, emotionally or socially on the conscience level, you will find the progress to be possible.

3. Growing creative


Corporate wellness should not be boring it should be unique and dynamic. It must constantly evolve over the time and ensure the best possibility of long-term success. Human being need to grow the challenges and stimulate different ways to act upon those challenges. So challenge a fitness program to stick to the latest trend.

4. Tackling the rise in medical costs

medical costs

Healthcare cost is coupling every year. Employees working in small companies find it unbearable as a result they are passing the cost on to their employees directly through high deductibles. But if your employee is healthy they are sure to hit their own bottom-line.

5. After all, corporate wellness it is a long term aspect

corporate wellness

A unique strategy works behind this and it involves a framework that outlines both short and long term goals. Corporate wellness is all about support, commitment and leadership. A successful program needs to evolve constantly. It is just not one solution by the culmination of many solutions that will work under one strategy.

So, if you are looking for corporate wellness programs which involve medically supervised weight loss then you can contact us.

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