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TESTIMONIAL – What do you like about the program? I like that the program is focused on you as an individual and not just trying to get you to join something, but actually trying to help find what you need to work on and improve. It’s not just diet and workout focused, but all aspects of health like physical therapy and testing other areas of your health, to get you the ultimate healthiest results. Did you have any apprehensions about getting started? If so, how did you get passed them? I didn’t know what to expect at the beginning, but was worried they would just give me some workout suggestions for me to do and I probably wouldn’t do them often. I got past my worry on the very first day when they were very focused on me as an individual and explained all the services they offer, how they would help me and cater it towards my goals. Would you recommend our program/services? Absolutely. Even if it just improved someone’s health and goals a tiny bit, that tiny bit is huge in the overall health and mental outlook to anyone’s future. It’s a new mindset that everyone can benefit from, especially since it’s focused on you as an individual. What would you tell someone that is scared about starting? We are all scared of what we don’t know and what we don’t think we can do. Never, at anytime during this program, did I feel discouraged or afraid. There’s someone there to make sure it goes to your own pace. You are always in control of your health and your goals. Kelly

You have tried it all…

Counting points, choking down protein shakes, high protein consumption, weight loss surgery, diet, diet, diet. And somehow, despite all the hard work and all the money spent you feel like a failure. You have no energy. Your clothes don’t fit. You worry about getting diabetes or heart disease because frankly, the thought of exercise is overwhelming. You are sure your metabolism rate must be zero. Do you watch weight-loss reality television with envy, because those lucky contestants have their own fitness trainers and nutritionist? Envy no more because we are here to help!

The Gershon Medical Fitness Team…

Takes a systematic approach in helping you rebuild and restore your body’s strength. Your one-on-one personal training sessions will be custom designed solely for you based on the input of your current medical condition. You will leave the first session with the results of your resting metabolic test in your hands. Which means you will no longer have to guess how many calories your body needs. Your medical fitness specialist will be dedicated to finding the nutrition plan that works for you through the Rejuv4Life Meal Plan.

Are you concerned you are not medically fit?

By medically fit we are referring to starting a nutrition program that will change your life. We can take care of that, too, with a complete physical and blood profile from our licensed medical doctor. If there is a hidden obstacle to your success such as a hormonal imbalance or vitamin deficiency we will find it. Health insurance is accepted for such a physical.

The question you have already asked yourself…

Can I afford it? Yes! We understand how important it is to get started on the right foot, this was why we designed the JUMPSTART Program.

How Does It Work?


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