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What do you get for $21?

Before we answer what you get, let’s look at what you won’t get… You won’t get gym intimidation, you won’t get an overcrowded atmosphere, you won’t get weird looks, you won’t get that weird gym smell, you won’t get a dirty locker room, and you certainly won’t get buyer’s remorse. Because it’s only 21 bucks! When you come to our clinic you will first notice the accommodations available all around you. You can start with a cup of coffee, warm tea, or an ice cold glass of water. You will make your way to the locker rooms where you will find a clean atmosphere to get ready in. What’s waiting for you on the other side of the door now? A highly skilled and motivated Medical Fitness Instructor! Your exercise program will be tailored to your needs in a group setting that we like to call Boot Camp. Boot Camps are available to all skill sets and we can accommodate any limitation you may feel you have, after completing a formal review of your situation of course.

Education is Key

At Gershon Medical Supervised Weight Loss, we believe that education is key when it comes to losing weight and getting fit. Thus, we provide you with a wealth of educational resources dedicated to your success. This includes access to information on fitness, nutrition, psychology, anatomy, endocrinology, and physiology. We want to empower you with the knowledge that you need to make good choices, get the optimum benefits from our program, and to change your routines and habits in order to have a healthier future.

Meal Plan

The Gershon Medical Supervised Weight Loss meal plan is a highly integrated, lifestyle-based strategy that includes dual phases devoted to making the most of each calorie that you consume. There are seven key elements in the plan that you must understand and utilize in order enjoy the results that you desire. The plan has been developed for those who live in the real world, making it eminently usable and easily adaptable.

Our Shopping for Groceries Exercise

We’ll help you understand how to make good choices as far as food and drink is concerned, how to calculate calories and serving size correctly, how to read and understand food labels, and much more. We’ll do this on a sojourn to a local market where you’ll get a practical education on everything connected to buying food and staying healthy.

Healthy Cooking Classes

We are focused on teaching life skills that you can use for an entire lifetime. Each month, you and a small group of program participants will meet with a medical fitness specialist in the kitchen where a three-course meal will be prepared, its health and fitness benefits discussed, and the meal consumed by all.

Lifetime Health and Fitness Cookbook

Everything that you require to make great, nutritious food is in this carefully developed and executed cookbook. You will be able to use it to stay fit and healthy for a lifetime. The cookbook includes: • A nutritional guide • Specific, individualized meal plans • Success tips and inspiring stories • Food journaling pages • Any and all exercises utilized in your training • Assessments from training sessions • Body composition information • More than 200 great tasting and nutritional recipes   All patients enrolled in our program have access to an hour-long weekly nutritional seminar. There are a total of six separate lectures given on a rotating basis. During the presentations, there is ample time for questions and answers on any nutrition topic.

Your Future

It is all about your future fitness and good health. Contact Gershon Medical Supervised Weight Loss to set up an appointment for a free, no obligation consultation with one of our weight loss professionals. They will explain the program to you, offer information on how it may help you, and answer any questions you may have. Call us today at (757) 496-2050 or fill out our short contact form and we’ll be happy to set up an appointment.


But I already have a gym membership somewhere else…

Have you been using it regularly? If not, no big deal, keep it!!! Use our clinic as a launching point into a new way of life! It’s only $21… Which is a great investment if it helps you to gain the motivation needed to go use the membership you already own.


What else will you spend 21 dollars on over the next 30 days?

Tide Liquid Laundry Detergent: Skip laundry week and get your health right…

An 8-Outlet Power Strip: Random yes, but you may buy one…

An Entrée and a Beverage at your Sit and Stay Restaurant: Can it wait one pay period…?

2 LED Soft White Light bulbs: These little buggers are spendy, but we all buy them: Do you need them?

A pair of flip flops: Set a goal and earn them…

A bottle of wine, a case of beer, a bottle of booze: It all adds up, but what sacrifice can you make?

Think of what goofy things you buy for your kids: A Disney’s Frozen Lunch box, Name brand shoes (They aren’t even one yet…), Video games, a $20.00 BABY GIRAFFE CHEW TOY!

Point is this, eliminate one impulse buy this month and you can afford this program.


I invite you to start your 21-day journey today.

Where will you be 21-days from today?

Right where you are… or… Well on your way to a better version of yourself!