Andrea Dixon B.S., B.A., CLE


Headshot AndeaMrs. Dixon’s approach to integrative nutrition and therapeutic lifestyle changes is characterized by her commitment to looking at the “whole patient”–rather than treating and chasing after a constellation of symptoms. Her compassion, caring and empathy fuel her strong desire to assist the physician to heal each patient and restore him or her to not only good health, but “optimal wellness.” She considers herself a clinical investigator, gathering in-depth assessments of family history, lifestyle issues, and the practical, judicious use of leading edge medical testing. She takes an integrated approach to health as she helps her patients/clients sort through conflicting dietary advice and figure out where in their life they are out of balance. She assists her clients in tapping into their own inner wisdom to better assist them in making the most effective and long lasting lifestyle changes. Mrs. Dixon partners with each patient, and the physician, to help them set the course to optimal wellness. Some patients respond well after a visit or two, others take longer to adjust lifestyle changes while correcting years of chronic illness. While she leans towards more natural treatments, Mrs. Dixon also recognizes certain prescription medications as essential to controlling uncontrolled conditions and works closely with the physician to prescribe and monitor those as needed. She educates patients about their myriad treatment options and will discuss those in depth with patients so they grasp an understanding and have control over their own health care. Good medicine takes time and patience, and Mrs. Dixon’s ultimate goal is for all her patients to be so healthy on their path to health and wellness, giving patients back the quality of life, zest, and anti-aging results they yearn for.

University of Marburg, Germany, B.S.
University of Phoenix, USA, B.A.
Hyperbaric Medicine, Wound Healing
Integrative Nutrition, Logan University, Metagenics University
Holistic Transcutaneous Acupressure, Dr. Norm Shealey