Sandra Bailey


dsc_7233Education and Certifications
•         Masters’ Degree in Exercise Science and Wellness
•         CPR/AED Certified

•         Weight loss
•         Nutrition
•         Cardiac Rehab
•         Motivation

Philosophy on Exercise and Well-Being

We are all unique and should strive to be the best version of ourselves. Achieving well-being requires a multifaceted approach.  Exercise and physical activity help achieve a state of well-being.  Exercise naturally improves fitness, health, and improves many chronic medical conditions such as hypertension and Type 2 diabetes.  Exercise additionally helps maintain a healthy body weight, relieves stress, elevates mood, and reduces the pain of arthritis. Exercise is medicine without the side effects of prescriptions.

The approach to improve well-being involves a willingness to change. Clients need education, support, and motivation to break old habits and set goals to establish new habits. Knowledge empowers a person with the ability to make lifestyle changes in nutrition and physical activity. The journey to wellness does not have a magic solution, elixir, pill, or easy path, but the determination and hard work required are worth it to become the best “you”!

Interests & Hobbies
•         Exercising and being physically active
•         Traveling and active vacations
•         Gardening
•         Photography