Gershon, Weight Loss Clinic in Virginia Beach Provides Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs- An Overview

Weight loss programs used to be about one thing and one thing only. That was how much weight you could lose in a given amount of time. Over the past 20 years, these programs have changed considerably with a great deal of interest being generated by medical weight loss programs.

Basic medical weight loss programs focus on individuals losing weight in a healthy manner under the supervision of a doctor and medical staff. They include healthy eating choices, reprogramming how and what one eats, and strategies concerning how to make your weight loss permanent. They also usually include some sort of physical exercise component as well as educational materials and sessions designed to help individuals understand various aspects of the weight loss program and how it has been designed to help them succeed. That is a basic medical supervised weight loss program.

Gershon Medically Supervised Weight Loss is Different

The team at Gershon Medical Supervised Weight Loss has devised a different type of program. In terms of evaluation and analysis of your physical state, it still has all of the hallmarks of a first-rate weight loss program, including:

• Measuring height, weight and BMI
• Measuring the use of tobacco
• Measuring to calculate the waist-hip ratio
• Measuring blood pressure

But we have added something different, which is immensely important. Gershon Medical Supervised Weight Loss now measures Internal Bio-Metrics, and we use these metrics to create a complete picture of your present physical state and to project your future health. This is, in essence, a new Bio-Score system.

*Disclaimer: Gershon Medical Weight Loss makes no claim that these results are representative of all participants. Results vary. Some website images are models. 

My fitness training with Myron Cabey has produced results that have exceeded my expectations. I strongly recommend working with Myron in order to improve health as well as fitness. His program works. – S. Sokolowski*
I was hesitant at first about the fitness program, but now I can’t stop doing it. I feel great afterwards every time. Q, Myron and Sandy have been FANTASTIC and I will definitely continue!! – J. Lang*


Why is Measuring Internal Bio-Metrics Important?

This new scoring system, which includes the numerous steps outlined here, gives us and you a better chance of being successful in our dedicated efforts to ensure that you are able to reach your proper weight in optimum time, that it will be a weight that will offer you the best possible outcome concerning your health, and that you’ll be able to work within certain parameters to maintain your good health. Success in your quest to lose and keep weight off is our first priority and the new procedures that we have added help us to facilitate that success.

Specifically Created for You

No two people are exactly alike, and that means no two people should participate in the exact same medical supervised weight loss program. The professional staff at Gershon Medical Supervised Weight Loss is dedicated to working with each individual to ensure that every aspect of their program is properly calibrated to fit their goals, account for any health issues, and work within the parameters of both their mental and physical capabilities.

Our weight loss professionals are positive, friendly, and courteous. They are completely focused on making sure that your medical supervised weight loss is done in a safe and healthy manner. You will be monitored closely, your progress will be carefully documented and analyzed, and your next step towards becoming fit and healthy will be implemented in a manner that offers you the best chance of achieving success in an optimal amount of time.

Contact Us for More Information

After reading about the various aspects of the program at Gershon Medical Supervised Weight Loss, including the new Bio-Score system that we utilize and procedures and process that are applied, please feel free to contact us for more information.

We can be reached by calling (757) 496-2050 or by filling out the handy contact form located here. We’ll be happy to meet with you for a free, no obligation consultation regarding our program and how it can benefit you. Take the first step towards good health and contact us today.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our patients have to say:

I never before enjoyed exercising, but since I started here I look forward to my 2x per week sessions. I couldn’t have a better team supervising my sessions. They push me to do better each time, but never allow me to hurt myself. I feel stronger than ever at before; which at the 72 is something I never believed would be possible.

Q, Myron and Sandy are the best. I also appreciate having lost significant inches and I feel better than ever. Please keep this team-they are amazing; not only in their knowledge but in their kindness and genuine caring.
J. Martin*

I would like to thank everyone who is part of the Gershon Pain Specialists team! You all have helped me more in the last month than any doctor has helped in the last 6 months since my accident. I have achieved great success and have improved tremendously. Furthermore a big high five goes to my trainer, Quinton , for always being patient and being a constant positive motivation.

My recovery is far from complete, but I know while I’m in the hands of everyone at the practice each day I am one step closer. I genuinely want to thank each one of you and let it be known how much I greatly appreciate everything you all have done. Each one of you play your own role of being true pain specialists!!! Thanks again! You’re all awesome!!
N. Lawrence*

*Disclaimer: Gershon Medical Weight Loss makes no claim that these results are representative of all participants. Results vary. Some website images are models.