Gershon Medical Supervised Weight Loss: The Process

Gershon Medically Supervised Weight Loss offers a process that is exacting and specific to you. It is so personalized that we will be able to determine the maximum number of calories that you can consume while you still effectively and safely lose weight. How do we do that?

Metabolic Testing

Along with the various tests that are a part of your Fitness Bio-Scores, we will also have you take a Metabolic Test. This test, which will render your resting metabolic rate, will enable us to calculate the specific number of calories you can have in a day and still sustain your weight.canstockphoto11823391

Thus, if your tests offer the result that you can have 3,600 calories a day and maintain your weight, you will be able to eat 6 meals per day at about 600 calories each. If you add in a one-hour workout that day that burns 600 calories, you could also consume those calories or, if you want to lose weight, you could forego them. At Gershon Medical Supervised Weight Loss we can be that specific, and that ability to be exacting helps those who participate in our program reach the weight that they want to when they want to.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is an important part of any weight loss program. It helps to build muscle mass, burns calories, and get your heart and lunges working at a new level. There are various types of exercise in which you may participate. However, prior to starting your exercise program, there will be a some important steps that you will need to take.


There are a few ways in which you will need to be assessed prior to participating in any structured physical exercise program. The first would involve your being evaluated by your medical provider or by a doctor on our medical team as to your fitness for exercise, what limitations you may have, what adaptive measures you may need, and what level of exertion would be appropriate for you.

This assessment would involve a complete medical history, lifestyle review, evaluation of any symptoms you may be experiencing, and a check of all vital signs. A complete physical exam would be conducted and appropriate lab tests ordered. Hormone, metabolic and vitamin levels would all need to be determined. If need be, these could be adjusted in order to optimize their levels for more effective weight loss, improved function, and better health.

canstockphoto19164256Also, at Gershon Medical Supervised Weight Loss, a medical fitness specialist, who is a Certified Personal Trainer possessing ACSM Accreditation, will assess you through the Functional Movement System. This neural-based assessment approach carefully studies an individual’s movement in order to identify and evaluate any dysfunction in fundamental movement patterns that may cause injury and any pain in fundamental patterns that could impede progress. It also offers a baseline measurement regarding your competency in exercise pattern execution that can be used in your progressive training regime while providing a benchmark for reevaluation if corrective training is necessary.

Corrective training may be utilized in order to enable better stability and maximize joint mobility. If need be, we will be able to make medical accommodations to make sure that you’re able to safely and effectively participate in your exercise program. We also offer physical therapy and non-surgical orthopedic treatments for those requiring such.

Finally, you’ll have your diet and lifestyle assessed by our registered dietitian (RD). They will consider your eating and drinking patterns and choices, your full health history, and other choices or factors that may affect you, such as your work schedule, the amount of sleep you get, and how much stress is in your life. Also, food allergies and sensitivities will be assessed and trigger foods will be identified and eliminated from your food plan. Working with you, the RD will develop a personalized eating plan that will be focused on helping you achieve your goals and on developing beneficial, long-term eating habits and patterns.

Your Exercise Program

You’ll work with a medical fitness specialist who will make sure that your training is properly implemented. We offer various options in terms of training, including:

• Personal Training: a one-on-one program run by a medical fitness specialist that is focused on you reaching fitness goals and maintaining your results using healthy lifestyle choices and behaviors.
• Semi-Private Training: These sessions are composed of groups of 4 to 5 people, all of whom are at an equal level of fitness. Again, this may be a medically supervised program.Exercise senior couple
• Boot Camps: If you have the will and the way, you may want to try one of these intensive experiences, which may also be a medically supervised program.

Education is Key

At Gershon Medical Supervised Weight Loss, we believe that education is key when it comes to losing weight and getting fit. Thus, we provide you with a wealth of educational resources dedicated to your success. This includes access to information on fitness, nutrition, psychology, anatomy, endocrinology, and physiology. We want to empower you with the knowledge that you need to make good choices, get the optimum benefits from our program, and to change your routines and habits in order to have a healthier future.

Meal Plan

The Gershon Medical Supervised Weight Loss meal plan is a highly integrated, lifestyle-based strategy that includes dual phases devoted to making the most of each calorie that you consume. There are seven key elements in the plan that you must understand and utilize in order enjoy the results that you desire. The plan has been developed for those who live in the real world, making it eminently usable and easily adaptable.

Our Shopping for Groceries Exercise

We’ll help you understand how to make good choices as far as food and drink is concerned, how to calculate calories and serving size correctly, how to read and understand food labels, and much more. We’ll do this on a sojourn to a local market where you’ll get a practical education on everything connected to buying food and staying healthy.

Healthy Cooking Classes

We are focused on teaching life skills that you can use for an entire lifetime. Each month, you and a small group of program participants will meet with a medical fitness specialist in the kitchen where a three-course meal will be prepared, its health and fitness benefits discussed, and the meal consumed by all.

Lifetime Health and Fitness Cookbook

Everything that you require to make great, nutritious food is in this carefully developed and executed cookbook. You will be able to use it to stay fit and healthy for a lifetime. The cookbook includes:

• A nutritional guidecanstockphoto0317059
• Specific, individualized meal plans
• Success tips and inspiring stories
• Food journaling pages
• Any and all exercises utilized in your training
• Assessments from training sessions
• Body composition information
• More than 200 great tasting and nutritional recipes


All patients enrolled in our program have access to an hour-long weekly nutritional seminar. There are a total of six separate lectures given on a rotating basis. During the presentations, there is ample time for questions and answers on any nutrition topic.

Your Future

It is all about your future fitness and good health. Contact Gershon Medical Supervised Weight Loss to set up an appointment for a free, no obligation consultation with one of our weight loss professionals. They will explain the program to you, offer information on how it may help you, and answer any questions you may have. Call us today at (757) 496-2050 or fill out our short contact form and we’ll be happy to set up an appointment.

Please note: Gershon Medical Supervised Weight Loss offers a 30-day, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you do not lose weight in the first 30 days, simply send us a letter stating so and acknowledging your desire for a refund. We will refund any investment spent on personal training or semi-private training with no questions asked. That’s how much we believe in our program.

Contact us today and change your life for the better forever!

*Disclaimer: Gershon Medical Weight Loss makes no claim that these results are representative of all participants. Results vary. Some website images are models.