Gershon Medical Supervised Weight Loss Bio-Score System

The Bio-Score System utilized by Gershon Medical Supervised Weight Loss is the most complete and detailed one used by any medical weight loss program today. The following measurements are what one will commonly find in any medical supervised weight loss program:canstockphoto6446923

• Height, weight and BMI
• Tobacco use
• Hip and waist ratio
• Blood pressure

But we have added an array of measurements to create a new Bio-Score system designed to give us the most complete picture possible of your current and future health. From the various Bio-Metric Measurements that we take, we will calculate your Fitness Bio-Scores.

Additional Measurements

There are eight additional measurements that we take and utilize to calculate your Fitness Bio-Scores. In focusing on these specific aspects of your body’s chemistry, we’re able to create a detailed and comprehensive health profile of you.

Total Cholesterol

There are three types of cholesterol in the body, which are found in the form of lipoproteins in your blood. Thus, this is the complete measurement of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), high-density lipoprotein (HDL), and very low low-density lipoprotein (VLDL). Two of these, LDL and VLDL, are considered to be “bad cholesterol,” while HDL is what is commonly referred to as “good cholesterol. The highest concentration of triglycerides is found in VLDL. This type of cholesterol is difficult to specifically measure and the amount is often factored as an estimate based on the total cholesterol level.


Medical Weight Loss Virginia BeachKnowing your HDL level offers insights into how your body is functioning, as this type of cholesterol is what removes and transports harmful fat molecules from artery walls. This activity works towards reducing the amount of fats that build up in your blood. It’s important that as you go through the medical supervised weight loss program that your HDL level rises.


It’s essential to know your LDL level, as this type of cholesterol, which is known as “bad cholesterol,” has a tendency to attach to the walls of your blood vessels, causing them to clog up. The higher your level of LDL, the more you are at risk for various forms of heart disease, especially atherosclerosis, in which your artery walls thicken and become clogged. One goal of your medical supervised weight loss program is to bring your LDL level down.

TC/HDL Ratio

This measurement will reveal the corresponding relationship between HDL and total cholesterol, which is also used to project the possibility of developing atherosclerosis.


We get even deeper knowledge of the likelihood of atherosclerosis with this measurement, as it shows the mathematical relationship between LDL (good cholesterol) and HDL (bad cholesterol).


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A high level of triglycerides can be the harbinger of one’s capacity for being stricken by heart disease and stroke. Triglycerides are a form of floating fatty acid that is in the bloodstream. This substance is eventually stored in the body in the form of fat. Controlling triglycerides by lowering their level will be an important goal of your weight loss program.


Measuring a person’s glucose levels can provide insights into the probability of their tendency to development diabetes. Glucose is the principal energy molecule utilized by most of the body’s cells. When it’s broken down in the body, it turns into energy. Knowing your glucose level will help us understand your body’s capacity for providing energy to its cells. If glucose is not turned into energy, it will eventually be stored in the body as fat.


With this measurement, which is of glycated hemoglobin, we are able to determine over an extended timeframe the average plasma glucose concentration in your body. This allows us to foresee how well your body will be able to regulate glucose levels in the blood.

What We Do Next

You will also undergo an advanced bioimpedance test, which will be used to calculate the composition of your body, including body fat and fat free mass (FFM). The FFM, which is also called lean body mass, is comprised of everything in your body except the fat. Knowing the amount of FFM allows us to understand better whether there’s been an increase or decrease in muscle mass.

The team at Gershon Medical Supervised Weight Loss will tally your Bio-Scores from all of your tests, document your medical history, and project certain outcomes that may occur if you do not act to become more fit. We will also be able to predict what will happen if you do successfully participate in our supervised medical weight loss program.

Why The Process Is Important

Once the professionals at Gershon Medical Supervised Weight Loss have compiled and evaluated your Bio-Scores, they will review all of the information with you and develop a supervised weight loss program specifically for you that will work for you. Throughout the time that you spend with us, we will work individually with you to help you reach your maximum fitness level, find your desired weight, and reconfigure your life so that you are making good choices regarding your health in the future.

For more information regarding Gershon Medical Supervised Weight Loss please contact us by calling (757) 496-2050 or by filling out the easy to use contact form located here. A weight loss professional will be happy to meet with you for a free, no obligation consultation concerning our program and how it can benefit you. Take a big step towards good health and contact us today.