Want to lose extra calories as your New Year Resolution?

Here are 10 food items that will help you do so.

Your diet is an important determinant factor of the success of your weight loss program. So, if you are ready to shed extra pounds as part of your New Year Resolution, here is a list of food items that might work wonders for you:


  1. Soup:

    Research has revealed that people who start a meal with a soup end up consuming 20% less calories during the course of their meal. So, if you manage to begin your meal with a bowlful of healthy soup, avoiding cream and butter, there are significant chances that you may be able to satiate your hunger faster and thus complete a meal consuming less calories than your usual consumption.

  2. Nuts:

    Nuts like walnut, almond, peanuts are great snack options when you are on the run. This is a healthy choice to satisfy your immediate hunger and also makes your stomach feel full so that you eat less at a later meal. A research study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has shown that people who chew almonds for a longer time have a lower appetite. This is because the chewing of almonds releases fat from the nuts which triggers hormones that limit hunger.

  3. Dark Chocolate:

    Dark Chocolate
    Chocolates might be the first thing you try to control eating when attempting to lose weight. However, interestingly, good quality dark chocolates are found to have flavonoids that reduces insulin resistance and discourages you from overeating. Besides this, dark chocolate consumption has also been reported to have other health benefits like increased blood circulation, lowering of blood pressure and prevention of arteriosclerosis.

  4. Apples:

    A medium sized apple usually contains 4 grams of fibre! Fibre is extremely good for your health since it fills the belly and yet does not contribute excess calories. This is because our system is not designed to digest fibre. Hence, even though you will feel full after consuming an apple, you will not gain excessive calories.

  5. Eggs:

    According to scientific studies, consumption of eggs for breakfast has been found to limit calorie intake throughout the entire day. Even though eggs are filled with nutrients like protein, vitamins, zinc and iron, they are only about 85 calories each.

  6. Yogurt:


    Research published in the New England Journal of Medicine, established the fact that yogurt is the highest ranked food connected to weight loss. This could be due the contribution of yogurt to build up healthy bacterial colonies in the gut which enhances food digestion. So, if you are attempting weight loss, inclusion of yogurt in your diet would be a good idea.

  7. Mushrooms:

    Mushrooms can replace meat in your diet and this can act as a powerful weight loss strategy. Research by a team at Jon Hopkins has shown that consumption of mushrooms as part of a daily meal led to significant lowering of calorie consumption throughout the day.

  8. Grapefruit:

    Grapefruit as a whole or grapefruit juice is considered to be helpful in shedding extra pounds. Diabetic patients are often recommended this fruit for its health benefits. However, be careful about avoiding this fruit if you are on certain medications that need you to stay away from it.

  9. Beans:

    Beans offer you an inexpensive means of checking your calories. Consume this vegetable, high in fiber, to stay full for a longer time. The high fiber content of beans makes it difficult to digest and hence your stomach stays full for an extended period.

  10. Oat bran:

    Oat Brans
    Like apples and beans, oat bran is also rich in fibers and decreases your appetite, keeping you full for longer periods.

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