Why is Losing Weight So Hard for Some

Whenever weight loss is mentioned, most of us instantly start thinking about cutting away different ‘defamed’ ingredients or foods from our diet, like sugars or carbohydrates. This is usually done in hopes to lose weight, but the results barely ever match with your hopes.

When your diet has a high amount of sugar in it, you can gain weight quite uncontrollably since sugars provide empty calories with absolutely no nutrition. High-sugar diets are also capable of enhancing an individual’s appetite and create cravings for more sugar. The insulin levels of the body are improved, and fats start getting stored rather than being burned to release energy.

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However, this does not mean losing sugar is the ‘secret’ all these weight loss miracles that you see on the internet of TV. Sugar intake reduction may start off as a catalyst for weight loss sometimes, but for some people the task is much harder than they would like to assume.

What we really need to understand is the fact that weight loss isn’t only a physical transformation, but also a psychological one. Some people may be better at losing weight than others, and the following reasons are basically the reason behind why that happens:

Fats Don’t Leave the Easy Way

The human body starts to create a new type of cell – adipocytes when you start gaining weight and these cells are used to store body fat. These cells, once formed, never leave your body, and while the fat that has accumulated inside them can be burned, they themselves can’t.

Each of these cells contains sensors that triggers your brain to replace the fat that you have managed to burn and your brain will respond by increasing your appetite so that you find some calories to replace the once you lost. The more adipocytes your body contains, the harder will it be to control the urge to fill up on the calories. This basically a chemical alarm system that runs off every time you lose a significant amount of fat, which is why crash diets and speedy weight loss, even when it occurs, is never helpful in the long run.

Take Away:

The only way to avoid food cravings and reach your weight loss goals successfully is by approaching weight loss slowly. Your cells have to adapt to a lower levels of fat and sugars in your cells gradually, so that the appetite enhancing sensors do not react. When you lose fat rapidly, you gain it all back just as quickly as well, only because of the unbearably strong food cravings that we succumb to.


This can be referred to as your metabolic set point and explains how the human body prefers staying at the amount of body weight that it has become accustomed to over the years. Homeostasis can also be explained as the body’s ability or instinct of making necessary adjustments to your appetite and metabolism, accordingly with your needs. Your boy also contains hormones like leptons which carry these signals to your brain, enabling it to make changes.

Homeostasis explains why exercise is a vital part of weight loss, since training can rapidly increase your metabolism and change the way your cells store fat. Without exercise, your body starts to become stingy, while lowering the amount of fats burned as well.

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